Bachelor of
Interior Design

from Bangalore University


Bachelor of
Interior Design

from Bangalore University

Every space tells a story. Interior designers, design not just these spaces, but the dreams of people. Helping someone tell their story, by expressing their personality through their homes, offices and other spaces is what Interior Design is all about. If you too are passionate about spaces and designing dreams, perhaps Cindrebay could help you transform your Passion into your Profession!


The idea at Cindrebay was to fill gaps of professional training requirements that the interior design industry faced. Eventually, we developed into a wholesome school for those motivated by these 'problematic' spaces."


3 Years
6 Semesters


10+2 with a minimum 50% aggregate marks


30 Students per batch

LOCATION Available



Here’s an overview of the course curriculum for Bachelor of Interior Design. You’ll be delving deep into these topics in the three years that you engage in the course.

First Semester

  • Basic Design & Visual Arts
  • Fundamentals, Elements and Principle of Design.
  • Compositions in Interior Design.
  • Drafting for Interior Designers (Practical)
  • Measured Drawing.
  • Interior Space Components & Furnishing (Practical)

Second Semester

  • Anthropometrics & furniture standards.
  • Understanding Design process.
  • Conceptual Drawings & Mood Boards.
  • History of Art and Interior Design
  • Building Materials & Construction - Part I (Theory)
  • Building Services - Part I (Practical)
  • Design Studio (Residence Design Space management, space planning, furniture layout, material applications, detailed technical drawing, budgeting as per material specification.)

Value Adds

  • AutoCad
  • 3D Printing

Third Semester

  • Advance Drafting for Interior Designers (Practical)
  • Advance Interior Space Planning (Practical)
  • Building Materials & Construction - Part II (Theory)
  • Building Services - Part II (Practical)

Forth Semester

  • Study of Interior space components, Walls, partitions & panels, Floors, Mezzanine floor, Ceilings & false / suspended ceilings, Openings – Doors & Window types, Stair and its types.
  • Interior space Furnishings, Paints & Textures, Laminates, Claddings & Others: Through sessions on furnishings, paints and textures, etc.
  • Design Studio (Retail Design / Restaurant Design / Office Design / Institute Design - Any two)

Value Adds

  • Basics in Architecture
  • Interior and Exterior Treatments
  • Environment Control in interiors

Fifth Semester

  • Construction Management
  • Estimation, Costing & Specification for Interiors
  • Interior servicesII, Plumbing and Sanitation
  • Advanced CAD in Interiors
  • Model making & Furniture Design
  • Internship

Sixth Semester

  • Professional Practice
  • Acoustics
  • Textiles For Interiors
  • Accessories in Interior Design
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Thesis Project

Value Adds

  • BOQ, Estimation & Specifications for Interior projects.
  • Project Detailing & Execution.
  • Tenders and quotations.
  • Indian Institute of Interior Designers- Rules and Regulations, Code of conduct.

  • AutoCad 2D-3D
  • 3D Printing
  • Sketchup with V-ray
  • Photoshop
  • Lumion
  • Revit Architecture
  • 3Ds Max

Entrepreneurship Training & Placement Assistance

Last 1 month of Course to make them Industry ready

  • How to Brand yourself - create your own logo and Website
  • Projects Management and
  • Negotiation skills - Client Handling
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Marketing
  • Basic Banking and Finance Functions
  • Preparation client service agreement
  • Basic legal - contracts and agreements, guarantee, warranty.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Bachelor Of Interior Design

Simply put, more people want creativity in any kind of space they use. Various factors have contributed to this growing demand - a rising economy, varying urban landscapes, diversified tourism and hospitality, commercial development, access to information, etc.

Accordingly, there's been a rise in professional opportunities for interior space 'artists'. Here are just a few avenues - working with established interior design or architecture firms, working as

  • Specialists / consultants for event management companies,
  • Exhibition designers,
  • Museum designers
  • Recreational space specialists
  • Graphic designers;
  • Working for visual merchandisers
  • Ad agencies
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Supermarkets and more.

Interior design is also an increasingly lucrative entrepreneurial prospect.


The courses consist of theory and studio sessions, CAD lab training, design workshops and creativity enhancing activities.

Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real - world industry

Proper attention on developing skills in Computer Aided Designing

Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice

Course duration spans from 12 months (Diploma) to 3 years (Under graduate Degree Programme)

Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum

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