B.Des in Interior Design, Chennai

B.Des in Interior Design

in Interior Design, Chennai

B.Des in Interior Design is a full-time graduate degree program with intensive coaching and comprehensive curriculum spanning for 4 years (8 semesters) which makes it perfectly apt for Design aspiring candidates. B-Des students goes through an in-depth theoretical and practical training programs that enables the student to get a strong foundation in the Design field.


To ensure students receive the right blend of theoritical knowledge and robust practical expertise, Cindrebay's B.Des in Interior Design brings to you scientifically-developed courseware that resonates deeply with the pulsating industry demands taught by a highly experienced panel of faculty & design experts. Read more to discover how our B.Des in Interior Design can help you fulfill your career aspirations.

is a Top Ranked State Government University with A+ Grade by NAAC and graded as Category-1 University by MHRD-UGC


4 Years(8 semesters)


B-Des course is 10+2 with an aggregate score of 60%


40 Students in a Year

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From powerful concepts such as Creative & Design Thinking to state-of-the-art design softwares & tools, Cindrebay's B.Des in Interior Design provides a holistic approach to skill-building in interior design. With a carefully curated curriculum that dives deep into diverse facets of interior design, including lighting design, furniture design, & even basics of photography - our B.Des in Interior Design aims to equip the students with the right knowledge, skills, & aptitude that is needed to grow & thrive within this creatively-demanding domain.

First Semester

  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Creativity and Design Thinking - Practical
  • Model Making workshop - Practical
  • Graphics I - Practical
  • Basic Design Practical
  • Liberal Arts: Cultural Studies - Practical
  • English Communication I

Second Semester

  • History of Interior Design
  • English Communication II
  • Elements of Interior Design
  • Graphics II - Practical
  • Basic Photography - Practical
  • Interior design studio I - Practical
  • Environmental Studies

Third Semester

  • Interior landscape design
  • Interior services I
  • Furniture design
  • Computer applications in design I - Practical
  • Materials and construction I - Practical
  • Interior design studio II - Practical
  • Value education - Practical

Fourth Semester

  • Furniture Construction and Detailing
  • Interior Services II
  • Art Appreciation
  • Lighting and colour in interiors
  • Computer Applications in Design II - Practical
  • Materials and construction II - Practical
  • Interior Design Studio III - Practical

Fifth Semester

  • Estimation and Costing
  • Pioneer Interior Designers
  • Design contextual studies or
  • Textile Design
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Adaptive reuse and recycling
  • Materials and construction III - Practical
  • Interior Design Studio IV - Practical

Sixth Semester

  • Professional Practice (internship) - Practical

Seventh Semester

  • Interior Design Photography
  • Set Design
  • Interior Services - III (Acoustics)
  • Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Project Management
  • Scheme Detailing (Working Drawing) - Practical
  • Advanced Design Studio - Practical

Eighth Semester

  • Graduation project work - Practical

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Associate Diploma in Architecture

With non-stop demand for efficient workspaces, innovative building designs, unique living experiences, along with increasing concerns of sustainability & physical health & safety - the scope for growth in the interior designing sector is seemingly limitless. Corporate offices, restaurant chains, educational Institutions, healthcare setups - all of these & more have a steady requirement of interior design experts to create the perfect ambiance for their users/dwellers. Good communication skills & rugged understanding of physical spaces will take your career graph to unimaginable heights. Here are few of the key areas where you can expect to build a sturdy career with Cindrebay's B.Des in Interior Design

  • Interior designer
  • Decorator
  • Exhibition designer
  • Furniture designer/curator
  • Interior design consultant
  • Researcher/ academician
  • Event designer
  • Theatre designer
  • Virtual merchandiser
  • Space planning consultant


Theoritical learning & hands-on skill development - Cindrebay's B.Des in Interior Design brings to you the best of both the worlds for a well-rounded learning

Classroom projects

Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real - world industry

Proper attention

Proper attention on developing skills in Computer Aided Designing

Design skills

Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice

Course duration

Course duration spans from 12 months (Diploma) to 3 years (Under graduate Degree Programme)

Real life project

Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum

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