M-Des Interior & Furniture Design, Chennai

M-Des Furniture & Interior Design

M-Des Interior
& Furniture Design, Chennai

The M-Des in Interior & Furniture Design is a full time post graduate degree program of 2 years pursued by aspirants who have a keen interest in the field of interior space and furniture design, and want to achieve excellence in the same. Eligible candidates are Graduates or Degree holders from Architecture / Interior Design / Engineering / Fine arts backgrounds who have scored at least 50% marks from a recognized university.


The program is crafted as a timely response to the growing need in the country’s fast evolving socio-economic landscape, for design integration into daily lives. An upwardly mobile middle class and unparalleled global exposure is bringing in plenty of scope of work for interior and furniture designers across the country. start-ups, large industries and small businesses alike are ushering in business ideas to pitch to the eager and curious customer base. Subsequently there is a growing demand for furniture and interior designers, and the trend is projected to skyrocket in the coming decades.


2 Years(4 Semesters)


Bachelor's Degree in Design / Fine Arts / Applied Arts / Architecture / Civil Engineering


40 Students in a Year

LOCATION Available



The Mdes in Interior Design Program at Cindrebay School of Design offers an in depth dive into the world of Interior Design. Keeping in mind that a student’s knowledge lies in their foundation, the course provides a holistic overview of the foundational courses of design while applying the same practically in our studio subjects.The course modules are designed to suit the needs of the booming Design Industry in India.

  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Interior Services I
  • Graphics I - Practical
  • Materials and Construction I - Practical
  • Creativity and Design Thinking - Practical
  • Interior Design Studio I - Practical
  • Model Making Workshop - Practical

  • Elements of Interior Design
  • Interior Services II
  • Computer Applications in Design - Practical
  • Graphics II - Practical
  • Materials and Construction II - Practical
  • Interior Design Studio II - Practical

  • Theory of Furniture Design
  • Lighting and Color in Interiors
  • Materials and Processes - Practical
  • Form & Space - Practical
  • Furniture Construction and Detailing - Practical
  • Furniture Design Studio - Practical

  • Interior Project Management
  • Scheme Detailing (Working Drawing) - Practical
  • Professional Internship – Practical

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Associate Diploma in Architecture

Interior and Furniture Design as a field of work has taken enormous strides in the last three decades owing to the information and technology led revolution in lifestyles, markets and perspectives. Inspiring workspaces, enhanced user comforts and a winning presentation are in the dna of every organisation of impact, today. A similar shift in approach is seen in the personal fronts of the affluent as well as the upwardly mobile middle class, owing to an overwhelming exposure to global trends and lifestyles. While these changes have no doubt ushered in modernism and westernisation, it is also seen that unparalleled value is being conferred to the revival of the timeless, the regional and artistic systems of the craft that once made this country a design leader. Such a panorama of bubbling potential has further thrown open opportunities for those with an academic bent of mind as well, to explore! Leading institutes and multinationals are encouraging a deep dive into design systems and thinking to fuel innovation. Moreover, design driven leadership is at the core of cutting edge companies that are changing the world for real.

All in all, appreciation is at an all time high for the creative thought leader and times are exciting for interior and furniture designers, more so for those with a strong supporting background in architecture, arts or engineering. Some of the potential employment or career opportunities for the M-Des degree holders to start with, would be with the following avenues –

  • Research / PhD in design thinking, systems or trends, especially for aspiring educators
  • Subject matter expert / team leader / manager in multinationals; typical examples would be –
    • Multinational retail and hospitality brands that have their in-house design teams to develop the brand’s spaces
    • Specific product design companies such as lighting brands, craft oriented brands, office or home furniture brands etc
  • Design expert and / or management profiles with e-commerce companies that offer total interior and furnishing solutions
  • Design consultant with large and traditional architecture/ interior/ product design firms or corporations
  • Independent practise is also an obvious attractive choice for those with the entrepreneurial bend

Traditional large sized firms that specialise in Architecture, Interiors or product design

  • Large to medium sized firms and companies that specialise in doing interiors and modular fit – outs for retail spaces, office spaces and hospitality set ups
  • Big brands in the retail and hospitality sectors that have in-house design teams
  • Small sized companies that specialise in offering modular kitchen and home décor works
  • E-commerce companies, often start-ups that offer custom designed living spaces with furniture offerings to the home segment
  • Large sized office furniture and product companies
  • Boutique furniture design brands
  • Academics – Owing to the recognition of the field, plenty of reputed institutes are opening up departments or offering subjects, not to mention the new schools springing up in every city
  • Entrepreneurship – always a sought after and lucrative option for creative professionals to offer design solutions to individuals or organisations


Cindrebay believes in interactive sessions and uses classroom and guest lectures, studio sessions, experimentation, assignments, workshops and live projects to keep the students engaged.

Classroom projects

Classroom projects are done with a significant contribution from real - world industry

Proper attention

Proper attention on developing skills in Computer Aided Designing

Design skills

Design skills and cross-functional abilities like software and presentation skills are put into practice

Course duration

Course duration spans from 12 months (Diploma) to 3 years (Under graduate Degree Programme)

Real life project

Real life project works are a significant portion of the curriculum

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